February Newsletter from CAS

February Newsletter
This month the CAS newsletter will be introducing a new column, 'From the Field'.

From the Field will feature articles from CAS reps on a variety of topics about common issues they're seeing at different shops regarding questions about various product or vehicle lines. This month's article is about the newer Ford VCM-3 interface and is written by longtime CAS Field Rep Howard Sanders. Howard is based out of the Detroit, MI. area.

This issue will also introduce our new EZ-Remote package and all of its capabilities. Navigate to the EZ-Remote article to watch an informational video and/or open a PDF.

Thank you from all of us at CAS!

Watch a Short Video on EZ-Remote


Introducing CAS EZ-Remote!

EZ-Remote software from CAS and E-ZDS makes it possible to connect technicians with OEM software to run on any late model car or truck. EZ-Remote works with either a Zenith-5 or a Gscan3 allowing for multiple OEM software applications to work on scanning and reprogramming cars from any distance, whether it is across town or across the country.

"What if I only own one or two shops, would EZ-Remote help me?"

With the EZ-Remote you don't need to buy any OEM software or interface devices - all you need is a Z5 or Gscan3. Either tool may be used as a general scan tool but when OEM software is needed, they are also compatible with EZ-Remote. Simply schedule an on-line session with the CAS EZ-Remote operator and we will use OEM software operated by CAS to remote in and provide support. Simply pay a single session fee. To schedule a session call '83 EZ-Remote' (833-397-3668) M-F 8:30am-5:00pm EST

"I own 3 shops but only 1 OEM factory tool, can I be my own EZ-Remote operator?"

Yes! Previously, in order to do OEM diagnostics in a 2nd or 3rd shop, you would need to purchase another factory tool package or bring the vehicle to shop #1, transport the scan tool to another location, or hire a remote diagnostic provider. With an EZ-Remote subscription you can now just purchase Z-5's for locations 2 and 3 then use OEM software from Shop #1 to remote in for diagnostic tests with shops #2 and #3 – no driving vehicles or scan tools around. No 3rd party mobile diagnostic fees. No lost technician time! To order an EZ-Remote package contact your local CAS rep.

Here are the basic steps of how EZ-Remote works.

1)   A Service Tech will send a connection request via the scan tools keyboard to an EZ-Remote operator using either an E-ZDS manufactured Zenith-5 or Gscan-3.

2)   The Remote Operator will respond to the request by connecting to the on-site scan tool remotely and once connected to the scan tool, connect to the car through the vehicle’s data link connector.

3)   The Remote Operator will then launch the appropriate OEM software and perform a Pre-Scan, identifying any pre-existing issues.

4)   The technician can then troubleshoot any codes that show up and/or perform any needed services. If vehicle programming is required, the EZ-Remote operator can perform any necessary reprogramming.

5)   Once the repairs have concluded, a Post-Scan report can be generated and emailed to the shop.

EZ-Remote gives you the opportunity to access OEM scan tools on an as needed basis or create your own diagnostic network by centralizing your OEM scan tools through an EZ-Remote network based in one of your shop locations.

Cut costs without cutting corners.

Service more vehicles.

Spend less time.

It's that EZ.

For more information or to request a demonstration call your local CAS rep or contact the CAS offices at (508) 238-5855. On-line at oemtools.com

Click to Open Additional Information PDF

Howard Sanders: Field Rep Eastern Michigan

From The Field - FORD VCM3
"Do I really need a Ford VCM-3?"

As a CAS Field Rep I hear this question quite often. If you are a Light Duty shop that works on F Super Duty Series trucks or a shop doing work for the collision industry, then the answer would be “YES”. We are seeing a need on late 2019 and newer model F-350SD trucks for more stable communication & programming on these platforms. The VCM 3 is a much faster & more stable communication interface when using the Ford Diagnostic Repair System (FDRS); which is the required OE program for 4 Models in 2018, but blossoms to 18 Models in 2021 with the new CAN-FD network on some of those later models.

Are you a shop that works on Medium Duty Ford Trucks (F-650 & 750, LCF)? Then the answer is an absolute “YES”. No longer will you have to send out your customers Medium Duty Fords for Programming or diagnosing. With the New VCM 3 & the Ford 9-Pin Deutsch Adapter for your 16 Pin VCM-3 diagnostic cable you are now able to use the VCM 3 not only as a factory interface with IDS & FDRS but you now are able to use the Ford VCM-3 interface with Factory HD Truck Applications such as Cummins, Navistar Engine Diagnostics, Wabco, Bendix, etc. for those spec-built components of a Ford Medium Truck. It also adds the new Ford CAN-FD (Flex Data Rate CAN) Network Communication Capability for the New Ford Medium Duty Trucks Starting 2018.

Additionally, if you still have an original VCM-1 interface, then the answer is definitely a “YES”. Many shop owners are now finding out the hard way that they are having to upgrade due to many requirements/updates of Windows10 operating system. Also, the many issues being seen with Ford IDS 128.01 software release compatibility. So now is an absolute great time for VCM-1 owners to upgrade to an interface that will cut diagnostic/programming times and expand the IDS capabilities. Also be advised that if your VCM-1 should fail, it is no longer considered a repairable item and with the on-going electronic shortages you could find yourself without a working VCM for weeks if not months!

Finally, the VCM-3 has firmware updating capabilities for the foreseeable future with the F1 & F2 buttons on the unit. The VCM 3 gives a user a much faster and more stable communication interface with the vehicle you are working on when using the IDS or FDRS Software’s. Not to mention the much faster Ford CAN-FD Network access and use with the newer Ford EV’s, Cars & Trucks. In fact. it can take upwards of 5 minutes to establish communication with FDRS on a 2021 & up Ford Mach E Mustang with a VCM-2 and literally 1 minute with a VCM-3.

Refer A Friend Rewards
Even though they say friends shouldn't go into business together, there's nothing about friends helping one another in business itself!

The CAS Refer-a-Friend program rewards successful referrals in the form of a $100 American Express gift card which can be used anywhere. A referral tells us that you're not only pleased with the service we provide but that you trust CAS enough to be your recommended service provider.

For more information or to request a referral form, call your CAS rep or the CAS office at (508) 238-5855.

CAS is Hiring
CAS is looking to hire a Field Rep in the North Shore area of Boston.

This is the perfect job for someone who loves cars, technology, and computers but wants to focus on the sales aspect of the automotive industry rather than the hands-on technical or mechanical aspects of the industry. Benefits include:

  • Company provided demo stock
  • Generous compensation plan
  • Health Insurance plan
  • Retirement plan
  • On going Technical Training
  • An opportunity for income and personal growth

Click here to learn more information and fill out an application!

Tech Tip: Connection Issues

What did the car say to break up with the Ford IDS tool?

"It's not you, it's me..."

Very rarely will you find a problem with a scan tool itself, though that is not to say it never happens, it's simply uncommon. So how do you tell whether the problem is with the IDS tool or the vehicle itself?

The answer is simple - try another vehicle!

Switching from a factory scan tool to an aftermarket scan tool may allow you to connect through some backdoor method, but it does not fix the problem that prevented the factory scan tool from connecting in the first place.

For example, if you are working on a Ford vehicle and for some reason the Ford IDS scan tool is not connecting, try the same scan tool on another vehicle.

If the factory tool is able to connect to this next vehicle, then you now know the issue is with the original vehicle itself. This problem could be with power & grounds, communication wires, module failures or network issues, but it is not a problem with the IDS scan tool.

If the factory tool is still unable to connect on the new vehicle however, then you will want to contact CAS Tech Support as there may be a problem with your 'scan tool'. It may be an issue with a cable, hardware, VCM, software, or even a virus. Either way, now it's time to call CAS Tech Support and let them help you sort it out!

Contact CAS Tech Support at 1-877-263-4897, ext. #3 (M-F 8:30-5:00 EST)