January Newsletter from CAS

CAS Company Meeting
For the first time since the pandemic began in 2020, CAS was able to host one of our two-day company meetings.

CAS distributed awards to the top salesmen, CAS Reps met with representatives from TEXA, Autoland, and DG Technologies for technical training sessions, then ended each day by celebrating our thanks for another profitable year.

In addition to welcoming 5 new members to our team, CAS saw Joseph Demuth off into retirement after 14 years as an Ohio field rep.

We wish him the best and are excited to see what the new year brings to us all.

Taking over Joe's territory will be Randy Freder.

Randy has been with CAS for about six months and is based near Solon, Ohio. Randy has been in the automotive industry for years, working with both AllData and Mitchell 1. Prior to AllData Randy sold Bear Diagnostic equipment.

Randy and Joe spent the last 3 months of 2022 touring the territory together to meet current clients and attend training sessions, ensuring a smooth transition.

Randy can be reached at RandyF@oemtools.com

On Monday morning Chris and Joffrey from TEXA arrived to speak with and provide technical training to the CAS Reps on the newly released ADAS RCCS3.

TEXA's Radar and Camera Calibration System 3 is a state-of-the-art ADAS system that does not require static calibration targets which can take up significant footage in a garage. Wheels and handles make it both moveable and allow for absolute precision in its measurements.

After Joffrey’s presentation, Chris took the CAS reps down into the bays, as pictured below, where he walked them through the RCCS3 process on a AXONE Nemo 2 tablet equipped with IDC5 software a 2018 Mercedes Benz C 43.

TEXA's Radar and Camera Calibration System 3 is offered in two versions - Digital Monitor or Static Target. The RCCS3 monitor is a 75-inch screen, meeting the 1:1 proportion ratio in every manufacturer's specification without deforming or resizing images.

For more information on the RCCS3, explore the links below and call CAS toll free at 877-263-4897, or email us here.

Autoland iScan3
On Tuesday morning the CAS Reps received in-depth technical training on Autoland’s iScan3, as done by Autoland's Director of Business Development, Eric Edberg.

Eric’s demonstration put emphasis on Mercedes and BMW, as the iScan3 is one of the few aftermarket tools which allow for the re-programming of BMW controllers.

The training consisted of first learning the computer side of the iScan3 and its Support On Demand (SOD) capabilities, allowing CAS technicians to access and calibrate the vehicle through the iScan3 using Support On Demand services from our offices. Eric demonstrated this on a 2018 Mercedes Benz C 43 in our garage bay before coming up to the office and walking CAS Reps through the tabs and options on a projected computer screen.


He further explained how certain vehicles have options available in the iScan3 that others will not, depending on whether or not it has been locked by the manufacturer, and the navigational steps required to get there.


The iScan3 is a European special tool but able cover nearly any vehicle and extends to Asian, Domestic, and includes those of Supercar make, along with various medium-duty trucks.


For more information on the iScan3 call CAS toll free at 877-263-4897, or email us here.
DG Technology
CAS was recently visited by Glen Eaton, the Senior Product Manager with DGTechnologies.

Glen reviewed for the CAS Diagnostic guys the latest interface offering from DGTechnologies, the DPA-XL. This new interface device was designed to work will all Heavy Duty OEM software applications by incorporation the RP-1210 design standard. The CAS reps found this an exciting addition to the product line up not only for its flexibility in working across multiple Heavy Duty applications but also because the interface kit included a HD Truck scan tool program ‘DGDiagnostics’.

This program allows for general scanning of most HD trucks allowing for code reading/clearing and data PID display. Shops can use this interface with any OEM HD app they may own and also use the DGDiagnostics app to scan the occasional HD truck they don’t have OEM software for.

All CAS field reps will have the DPA-XL device added to their demo stock, so shops interested in seeing the device in action can simply call their CAS rep for a demo.

Click to expand image of compatible software

Tech Tip: WiFi Performance
Most of the diagnostic tools today require some sort of internet access.

A common issue our Tech Support Department finds during troubleshooting sessions is a problem with the shop's Wi-Fi performance, specifically regarding download & upload speed. These internet/router performance specs are an important factor for applications like wiTech 2 or the BMW tool which require a constant, uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection. Slow speed and low bandwidth result in dropped communications and long, slow programming events.

You may click here to check your network's performance using Google's 'Speedtest'. When asked what the bare minimum for speed should be, generally 25Mbs upload and 25Mbs download should be considered the slowest acceptable speed where scan tools will work. As an example, when we recently checked our internet connect speeds, the CAS in-house network reported 297Mbs upload and 335Mbs download. Way beyond those 25/25 minimums !

We suggest that you check with your ISP to compare what you are paying for versus what 'Speedtest' is reporting. We also suggest ordering the highest available performance offered by your ISP when using it for business & diagnostics. Other factors which disrupt internet would be physical interference like walls or objects blocking the router signal. Recognizing and resolving these performance issues can significantly increase reliability of not only the functionality of your Wi-Fi based diagnostic tools but the rest of the wireless devices in your facility.

Any questions? Contact CAS Tech Support at 1-877-263-4897, ext. #3