May 2024 Newsletter from CAS

Monthly Content Summary

This month's articles mention that CAS is hiring another Tech Support person and perhaps you know someone that would be a good candidate. We also cover a pending deadline on the largest cash payout in recent history of settlements of which you could be a beneficiary. Finally, there is an article on Nissan Secure Gateway access and a Tech Tip on remote assistance. Enjoy!

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⚙️We're hiring!

⚙️Merchant Services: Deadline is Near

⚙️Nissan's Central Gateway access

⚙️New CAS catalog released

⚙️TECH TIP - Have Remote Success

We're Hiring!

Our company is expanding, and we have two exciting positions available. We're looking for dedicated individuals to fill the following roles:

Tech Support Specialist (Full-Time) - Easton, MA

Join our team as a Tech Support Specialist and help address customer technical issues with effective solutions. This role is ideal for those who have experience in automotive diagnostics and enjoy troubleshooting.

[Click here to apply now]

Sales Support Order Processing (Full-Time) - Easton, MA

We need a detail-oriented individual to assist our sales team by processing orders and managing customer accounts. This position requires good organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. If interested, call Heather in our CAS offices at 508-238-5855, ext. #2. Monday through Thursday.

We offer competitive salaries and benefits, with opportunities for professional growth in a supportive work environment. If you’re looking for a new challenge and a chance to make an impact, visit our careers page to apply.

Join us and be part of a team that values innovation and commitment.


Nissan gateway access with your Z5 or Gscan-3


If you are using a Z5 or G-scan scan tool from EZDS, please be aware that EZDS is just releasing the software update to allow you to gain access to the Nissan Central Gateway Access module. The protocol with Nissan is similar to Stellantis (aka: Chrysler) Secure Gateway module access where your shop and your scan tool needs to be registered through the 'Auto Auth' site. Shops are reporting getting an error code 21 when trying to scan these Nissan vehicles. This code is coming from Auto Auth not the vehicle and it indicates the shop has not registered for accessing Nissan. The confusion is because even though a shop is registered on Auto Auth for Stellantis, they have to now add registration for Nissan. And you guessed it, pay an additional $50 fee. Here is the link to the Auto Auth web site to update your registration.

Merchant Services: Final Chance to File!

The deadline to participate in the Visa Mastercard lawsuit reimbursement is fast approaching. If you wish to claim your share of the substantial $5.5 billion settlement, you must register with the official site. The deadline, originally set for May 30th has now been extended until August 30th, 2024. Click here to register your business for a guaranteed payment.

Last detailed in our November Newsletter, this update serves as a reminder that no third-party assistance is required to file your claim AND that the final deadline to file is approaching. For any questions, we recommend visiting the FAQ page on the official settlement website.

Here’s a brief recap of the lawsuit:

The claim centers around allegations that merchants were subjected to unfairly high fees for accepting Visa and Mastercard payments. This was purportedly due to Visa and Mastercard, along with their member banks, breaching antitrust laws. Eligibility for the settlement includes all persons, businesses, and entities in the United States who accepted Visa or Mastercard payments anytime from January 1, 2004, to January 25, 2019.

You can register for your claim through the official website by using your 'Claimant ID' if you received a notice in the mail, or by providing your TIN, or by logging in with an existing account if you have already started the registration process.

Don’t delay—visit the website today to ensure you don’t miss out on your entitlement. (aka: cash payment to you!) The deadline is August 30th!


FILE YOUR CLAIM: Payment Card Settlement | Official Court-Authorized Website - Home

Tech Tip - ATTN: Remote Access / Get Ready for Rudy!

Today's tech tip concerns the tools we use to perform remote support whether it's using EZ-RemoteTM or 'Support on Demand', and how the tool and vehicle being serviced should be prepped for such an event. After scheduling the session but before it begins, your tool should have the following status:

1. A High-Speed Internet connection - A strong WIFI and mobile internet connection is required for calibrations and diagnostics. A minimum of 10mb/s up and 10mb/s down for a hot spot or mobile router.

For programming, you must be hardwired to the router. You'll need an ethernet cable long enough to reach your router and vehicle. Wireless programming is not recommended because a lost or dropped signal during a software update may damage the module.

2. A Reflashing Power Supply - System voltage must be maintained at a constant minimum level during any reprogramming event and even when performing a pre or post full vehicle scan. A standard battery charger cannot be used as it can introduce excess 'electrical noise' during a reprograming event and can cause a programming failure. A dedicated reflashing power supply will maintain voltage and amperage during any key-on/engine-off event. Call you CAS rep if you need to purchase one, he offers a few different models and can recommend the best model for your situation.

3. Updates - Make sure your scan tool (Z5, Gscan-3 or iScan-3) has the most recently released software updates for the car line you want to service.

4. CALL - And of course you'll need a phone to call us at 1-833-EZ-REMOTE!