Toyota / Lexus Factory Scan Tools

CAS TechstreamThe Toyota/Lexus current factory tool is the laptop based application called 'Toyota TechStream'. This package was introduced to the Toyota/Lexus dealers as a replacement for the hand-held Vetronix built 'Toyota Mastertech' factory scan tool.

When TechStream was originally introduced in 2006, the package was only available bundled with a Panasonic Toughbook, various mounting brackets, a dedicated interface device and all cabling needed to service vehicles back into the early 1990's. This package was a relatively high priced kit that many shops did not opt to purchase due to the costs involved.

Today the Toyota TechStream is available in a TechStream 'Lite' version that has the same software and capabilities as the full TechStream version but with the limitation that it does not cover vehicles earlier than 1996. With the 'TechStream Lite', one can now choose between two available interface devices and multiple laptop configurations.

3100 deviceThe TechStream Lite application can use either one of two J-2534 interface devices. A dedicated 'Mongoose' cable or a full J-2534 interface device can be selected. Both interface devices provide equal scan tool diagnostics and reprogramming capabilities. Where the 'Mongoose' provides for a lower priced package, the 'full interface' device also allows for use in reprogramming other vehicle car lines beyond Toyota. Laptop platforms are now offered on both a Dell Latitude Series and the Panasonic ToughBook series of laptops and tablets.

The entire TechStream Lite package can be ordered from OEMTools pre-loaded on a new Dell or Panasonic laptop. This 'TurnKey package' arrives with all needed reference materials, all links pre-installed and ready to operate the day it arrives. This complete package also includes a 1 year subscription for model year updates, unlimited calibration files for reprogramming and access to the Toyota TechStream on-line service information database. Our laptops can also be configured to run multiple OEM factory tool applications, providing you with the most complete solution in multiple car line OEM level tooling.

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Laptop PC's we offer for use with TechStream Lite

Dell Latitude Series Laptops

The Dell Latitude Series provides a great mix of value versus performance and reliability.

Panasonic ToughBook CF-54

The Panasonic CF-54 ToughBook is the newly released (2015) semi-rugged laptop. It is an excellent choice to be paired with the Toyota TechStream Lite application.

Panasonic CF-54 Semi-Rugged Laptop

The CF-54 from Panasonic is their newest release semi-rugged laptop PC. At, we are a Panasonic VAR and we do stock these units.

Panasonic FZ-G1 Fully Rugged Tablet PC

The FZ-G1 is a fully rugged, Windows 7 tablet PC. It provides a super dependable and very portable PC solution.

FZ-G1 Back View

The FZ-G1 design allows a user replaceable battery with no tools required.

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