Hyundai - Kia Tools

Both Hyundai and Kia dealerships use virtually identical tablet based platforms but each with their own ‘GDS’ (Hyundai) and ’KDS’ (KIA) software applications.

Built by GIT, the company that also supplies CAS with the G-Scan2 and G-Scan3, these two OEM tools are delivered on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet with a Bluetooth enabled interface device. Like most OEM scan tools, the software application is a one year subscription and it includes reprogramming files. Service departments that desire both tools can purchase a GIT approved ‘bundled’ package from CAS.

Hyundai & Kia’s OEM Samsung Tablets both use the same Bluetooth enabled interface device

Security and Access Codes: Hyundai and Kia limit the access to the security side of their vehicles to their dealer network, registered locksmiths and SDRM certified shops. Additionally, there are ‘variant’ codes required when programming the SRS in these vehicles. CAS, in conjunction with support from GIT America, can provide our customers with many of the required access codes.

If your shop does not have their locksmith certification, having these codes made available to you is the difference between finishing the job and sending it out to the local dealership. CAS provides assistance in accessing information for all our customers when they are covered under our Total Annual Support Program®.

CAS T.A.S.: The GDS and KDS scan tools offered by CAS are covered under our industry changing Total Annual Support Program®. No Charge Service Loaners, Technical Support, Subscription Reminder Notices, Balanced Billing option for software renewals and a 100% Money Back guarantee are all part of our T.A.S. Program!

The Hyundai and Kia factory tools are built by the same company that produces the G-Scan series of scan tools.

Shops may consider purchasing one of the three G-Scan versions to achieve great coverage at substantial savings from the OEM tools plus have USA, Asian and European coverage!

KDS Scan Tool OEM Tools


Individual Tool
Hyundai Kia GDS KDS Scan Tool OEM Tools

KIA + Hyundai OEM Tool

Bundled Package
GDS Scan Tool OEM Tools

Hyundai OEM Tool

Individual Tool

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