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SAAB Tech-2: The OEM Tool for SAAB service is the Tech 2 with special SAAB software package and connectors. This tool, available from, provides the aftermarket shop with dealer level access to all systems on the SAAB line of vehicles. Model year coverages starts at 1988 and goes to 2011 model year. Systems coverages are all inclusive including engine, transmission, ABS, SRS, HVAC and body functions when the cars are so equipped. Capabilities include all dealer level functions including the bi-directional controls on these cars.

To order the SAAB tool, contact via e-mail, fax or phone!

Scanning SAAB vehicles requires the use of a SAAB Candi Module starting with the 2003 SAAB 9.3. Failure to connect the Candi module will result in a data communication error being reported on the Tech-2. For shops that already have a SAAB enabled Tech-2 but needing a Candi module, we do stock this item for immediate shipment. Call to order or Click Here to complete an on-line order request.

SAAB Software Updates:Software updates and necessary adapters are available to the general aftermarket. If you already own a Tech2 and want to add SAAB capabilities there are two available kits: 'Early SAAB' 1988-2002 and 'Late SAAB' 1998-2012. Required adapters are included in the kits.

Contact for information on the latest software versions and adapters available.

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SAAB Tech-2


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Candi Module


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