Ford IDS: Premier Diagnostic Solution for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury

Ford's Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) VCM-II: As the cornerstone tool for Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury dealerships, Ford IDS provides unmatched diagnostic capabilities for all models from 1996 to present, including the F150-F550 series. For more on the F650 and F750 series diagnostics, visit our Heavy Duty tools page.

Our exclusive Ford IDS package includes the VCM-II hardware with necessary cabling, the latest Ford IDS software application, and a yearly subscription for all software updates and re-flashing files. This package is uniquely combined with a Ford Certified Dell Latitude laptop, all encased in a custom-molded protective case.

The Ford IDS package comes with a comprehensive 1-year warranty for the IDS hardware and laptop, plus a 1-year accidental damage protection plan. Customers also benefit from our North America service loaner program and 'Total Annual Support'™, featuring CAS 'Live-On-Line'™ for remote PC support. For more information or to purchase the Ford IDS package, contact us.


Shown above is a Ford IDS 'Turnkey' Package.



The Ford IDS system can be combined with other OEM applications on the same laptop as long as the laptop has been spec-ed and configured correctly.

NGS Flashfile


New Generation Star Tester (NGS):
Previously the standard at all Ford Service facilities, the NGS remains in wide use despite the IDS assuming its role in 2006. Produced by Hickok Corporation, this scan tool elevates automotive aftermarket shops to 'dealer level' diagnostics on Ford/Lincoln/Mercury vehicles. The 'NGS' alongside the IDS (Integrated Diagnostic System), both accessible through, offer comprehensive scanning abilities.

The coverage of the NGS spans all Ford vehicles from 1984 to 2009 without further updates. It offers detailed scan data, codes, bi-directional controls, and access to a broad range of controllers including Powertrain, Body, Chassis, ABS, GEM, FEM, REM, PATS, alongside signal simulation and multi-meter functions. To order, please call



NGS 2009 CAN VIM Update:
The 2009 MY software package continues to be available for OEMTools customers. It enables the NGS to interface with CAN communication vehicles. Both 'Classic' and NGS-XL versions are eligible for this upgrade, enhancing their CAN communication capabilities. Note that the 2009 CAN VIM Kit update will not extend coverage to non-CAN vehicles prior to those specified. Covered are all 2009 through 2005 CAN and Non-CAN vehicles, as well as 2004 and 2003 CAN applications.

To discuss upgrading to current year coverage, please call

Software Updates for NGS

Software Updates for NGS

NGS Software Update:
Shops owning an NGS can modernize their equipment with the Pre-CAN 2004 software update package. This upgrade brings NGS units in line with coverage for models from 1984 to 2004, enhancing non-CAN application diagnostics. Even NGS testers with software dating back to 1998 will benefit from this upgrade, receiving a new PCMCIA card and an updated manual.

NGS owners with software predating 1998 can access a second upgrade kit, ensuring any NGS model can reach current 2004 MY levels. Necessary additional cables for complete functionality are also provided. For details on updating to the latest standards, contact

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