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Payments: We accept all major credit cards and you may also use PayPal if you have a PayPal account.

Shipping: When purchasing an OEM level tool with a laptop, please expect approximately 3-5 days before shipping information is received from us as the laptop must be set up and scan tool software must be installed prior to shipping. Dedicated hand held scanner orders typically ship within 24 hours. You will receive UPS shipping confirmation and tracking number via E-mail once the order ships.

International Orders: We do ship most products globally. However, shipments leaving North America will require a wire transfer payment prior to processing. If you are located outside North America, please contact us for wire transfer information.

Warranty: Manufacturer warranties are provided on all our products. In all cases, OEMTools will install all required software, verify proper operation and register the tools for warranty purposes in case there should be a warranty claim during the warranty period. Warranty claims can be initiated by simply contacting us via e-mail or phone. We assist in all warranty and non-warranty claims. All warranty and contact information is provided with your tool shipment.

After Sale Support: Unlike many web based companies, we offer on going technical and service support for all our products. Our support services are provided by our mother company C.A.S. and includes:

  • CAS 'Live-On-Line'™ technical support for all laptop based applications!
  • No charge service loaner if you have a tool service requirement!
  • Access to the Knowledge Base on the 'Customers Only' section of our web site!
  • Automatic Notification when new Updates or Upgrades are available for your tools!
  • Free shipping of all DVD subscription updates to your business!
  • Toll Free 800 number for technical assistance in using your tools!
  • Security code access number for those vehicles requiring a PIN code! (Honda/Nissan)
  • Upgrade options and assistance for adding additional OEM apps to your laptop!
  • Quarterly technical e-Newsletters subscription!

Multiple Scan Tool Orders: If you are interested in purchasing multiple OEM applications to run on a single PC we can do that! In these cases we request you contact us so we can talk through the requirements of having multiple OEM apps running smoothly on a single PC. In this type of a situation we HIGHLY recommend purchasing the PC from us along with the OEM apps. This will provide you with a fully set up,'turnkey' package that guarantees a well running, trouble free Laptop that will serve you well for years!

Special Note: This 'Buy On-LIne Now' page is constantly being updated to include many of the tools and accessories we offer! In some cases we do not offer a 'Buy-On-Line-Now' feature due to the complexity of configuring a tools set up. If the tool you want is not currently listed, please submit your order using the order form. and we will contact you to confirm needs and correct configuration.

G-Scan2: Multi Line Scan Tool

GScan2 Configurations

Alternate GScan 2 device

Gscan-2 is offered in 4 different configurations. Two with an integrated 4 trace lab scope and two without the scope option. All kit configurations include:

  • G-Scan2 Scan Tool
  • Hyundai / Kia OEM level software through current model year.
  • Asian Vehicle lines software coverage.
  • European Vehicle Lines software coverage.
  • Domestic Vehicle lines software coverage.
  • G-Scan2 'PC.Utility' Updating Program.
  • SD Card reader
  • AC Power cables and DLC cable w/16pin DLC adapter
  • Custom storage/transport case
  • 1 Year of internet based updates (Released 3 times a year)
  • 1 Year Factory Warranty on all hardware
  • 1 Year CAS Technical Support.

The G-Scan scan tool will provide the automotive aftermarket shop with not only Hyundai/Kia factory level coverage but it will also provide you with an excellent tool for servicing multiple Asian car lines and European vehicles. To review the current coverages that this tool offers, CLICK HERE to view a 300 document showing vehicles coverged and sub-sytems addressed.

This tool is always in stock and orders are shipped out daily via UPS across the USA from our New England location. Purchasers of the G-Scan will also receive automatic reminders when it is time to renew the software subscription. Assistance in loading the updates is available through our live in-house tech support group. Note: A Windows based laptop/PC is required to perform tool updates.

OEM Tool: Ford IDS Turnkey Package


Ford IDS with Dell Laptop and Custom Case


FORD IDS Scan Tool: Packages include:

  • IDS software program
  • 1996 to current model year coverages for Ford/Lincoln/Mercury
  • VCM interface module
  • OBD II and USB / VCM cabling
  • 1 Year of internet based updates of Flash Calibration files and MY updates
  • 1 Year Warranty on all IDS harward
  • New Dell Latitude Series Laptop with
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • 1 Year 'Service Exchange' loaner program
  • 1 Year 'Accidental Damage' coverage
  • Automotive / AC Power supply
  • Extended Use Battery Pack (Up to 5 hrs)
  • Legacy port adapter
  • Custom designed Storage/Carrying case for Laptop and IDS kit
  • Preloading and certification of all software prior to shipping
  • A CAS 'Live-On-Line'™ Training session to familiarize you with navigation of the software
  • 1 Year of CAS 'Live-On'Line'™ on-going technical support

OEM Tool: Chrysler OEM Turnkey Package

Large wiTech OEM package - Thumbnail
Chrysler OEM Turnkey Package

Large wiTech OEM package/no laptop - Thumbnail
Chrysler OEM Tool without laptop

Chrysler OEM Scan Tool: Select either the Chrysler with Laptop or Chrysler without Laptop. Includes:

  • wi-Tech Diagnostic Application software subscription (1 Year)
  • Tech Authority account set-up (non-subscription)
  • 1996 to current Chrysler CAN vehicles
  • Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge car lines
  • MicroPod interface device w/OBD II and USB cabling
  • 1 Year Warranty on all harware
  • 1 Year CAS Technical Support

Please note these kits require a laptop PC to operate. Minimimun specifications for the laptop: Windows 7 Pro, 80 GB Free HDD space, 2 GB RAM, 1 USB port, DVD reader, wireless internet access.

Chrysler Turnkey Package with Laptop also includes:

  • New Dell Latitude Series Laptop with 1 Year 'Service Exchange' loaner program
  • Optional upgrade to Panasonic Toughbook or ToughPad Tablet available
  • Accidental Damage coverage for 1 Year with 'Service Exchange' loaner program
  • 'Live-on-Line'™ remote access initial training session
  • 1 Year of CAS 'Live-On'Line'™ technical support
  • Custom designed Storage/Carrying case for Laptop/IDS

Automotive Lab Scopes

4 channel automotive kit
PICO 4 Channel Automotive Lab Scope

4 channel automotive kit
Pico 2 Channel Automotive Lab Scope

Select either the 2 channel or 4 channel lab scope. Please note these kits require the shop have a laptop PC to laod the software onto. Minimimun specifications for the laptop: Windows XP, XPPro, Vista, 20 GB Free HDD space, 1 GB RAM, 1 USB port. You can also order these kits pre loaded onto a new laptop as a turnkey solution. See below for laptop option kits.

Multi-line Scan Tools

Ultrascan Plus Front with Blank Screen
UltraScan P1 Scanner Package

MP1 s
MultiScan P1 Scanner Package

UltraScan P1 Multi-Line/Multi-Function Scanner Package Includes:

  • UltraScanP1 Scan Tool
  • Domestic-Asian-European Car Line Coverages
  • Complete OBD Leads Set for all car lines
  • Complete Lap Scope Leads Set for 4 Trace scope
  • 3 Years Manufacturer Warranty
  • 2 Years of Internet Based Software Updates
  • Professional Storage/Carrying case

Please note the software coverage is identical between the UltraScanP1 and the MultiScanP1. The major difference between these two tools is the added features in UltraScan include a 4 trace lab scope as well as a more rugged tool design. If you are a heavy scan tool user, we recommend the UltraScanP1.

MultiScan P1 Package includes:

  • MultiScan P1 Scan Tool
  • Domestic-Asian-European Car Line Coverages
  • Complete OBD Leads Set for all car lines
  • 3 Years Manufacturer Warranty
  • 2 Years of Internet Based Software Updates
  • Custom Molded Case is a division of CAS of New England