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Heavy Duty Truck service is now easier then ever with our Heavy Duty Truck scanner packages. From Bus Fleets and Medium Duty vehicles software applications to Heavy Duty general purpose application programs right up to Heavy Duty OEM software programs, we can design the best overall Heavy Duty service tool package based on your service needs!

The heart of any successful Heavy Duty package starts with the selecting the right laptop that the applications will be loaded on. At OEMTools we are both a Dell and Panasonic VAR, which means we can provide you with the correct laptop for your situation. H/D Software applications are fully loaded and tested prior to shipment. All laptops are shipped in a custom design storage/transport suitcase for the times when the laptop needs to be on the road for service or when being stored while not in use. After the sale, we also fully support you with both laptop repairs and laptop loaners should your PC require service. Unlike most 'on-line' sellers, we also provide on-going technical support via our direct field technical sales force as well as through our industry recognized CAS 'Live-On-Line'© remote support program and full time in-house tech support personnel..

The next part of the configuring a Heavy Duty package is selecting the correct 'JPro Fleet Software Service Bundle' application and any Heavy Duty OEM software applications that may be required. The JPro Fleet laptop based software application will allow you to read data off of any H/D vehicle equipped with either a 6 or 9 pin data plug. Data can displayed on the host laptop in a number of ways including a data screen display as well as being viewed in an 'instrumentation' mode. Click here to view an informational brochure on the 'JPro Fleet Software Service Bundle'.

Heavy Duty OEM applications can be ordered at the same time as JPro Fleet and they can all 'reside' on the same laptop. H/D OEM apps can also be ordered and added to the laptop at a later date if the needs of the service facility changes. JPro Fleet software actually 'looks' for any OEM apps on the laptop and adapts it's navigational viewing screen to include 'links' to all 'resident' OEM apps!

Once the laptop and software application decisions are made, the correct vehicle interface module and cables that connect between your laptop's USB port and the vehicle's data plug(s) need to be sourced. By choosing the correct DLA+, DLA+PLC, J1950/1850 Cables or DLA+ Wireless option you will be able to read Cab data and / or Trailer data with either a hardwired or wireless connection to your laptop that hosts the 'JPro Fleet Software Service Bundle'. The DLA+ interface will also work with multiple Heavy Duty OEM applications also available from us! Click here to see an informational brochure on the DLA+ interface devices.

With 'JPro Fleet' and the 'DLA' adapters configured correctly you will be able to both read codes and clear codes on almost any Heavy Duty vehicle. You will also be able to read and monitor data stream PID's from both the CAB and Trailer as well as seeing what controllers are 'reporting' data on the vehicle. Information presented can be viewed in a live real time format as well as being printed out in a customer friendly, professional looking multi-page report. This type of a printout can very useful when maintaining a fleet of customers vehicles. It presents a professional image and helps convey a higher level of competency when competing against franchised H/D service facilities. Click here for PRINT OUT example.

For contact information to help design the right Heavy Duty package CLICK HERE...If you know exactly what you want then CLICK HERE to Request a Quote.

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