Nissan / Infinity

Consult-III Plus is the latest version OEM tool for servicing the Nissan/Infinity car lines. Coverage begins with model year 1996 and continues up to current year Nissan and Infinity models.

This tool has very strict hardware requirements in that it is only available on a Nissan ‘Custom Model’ Panasonic brand Toughbook. The OEM application will not load to any other model PC, so all Consult-III Plus packages are only offered as ‘Turnkey Packages’ which include the ‘Nissan’ Toughbook. Updates are typically being released every 90 days, to keep the tool up to date.

Reprogramming with the Consult-III Plus requires the user to buy either a day pass or an annual subscription. Turnkey packages are delivered so users will only purchase a day pass when required.

The Nissan Consult-III Plus package is delivered in a custom designed storage/transport case that allows the end user to store and transport the laptop and all acessories easily and with no chance of damage. User training is provided via our highly regarded 'Live-On-Line™' remote support program that is pre-installed on every laptop we deploy.

To order this OEM package or if you have additional questions regarding this tool, please contact one of our technical sales representatives by clicking on this LINK.

CAS Consult-III Plus

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Description: General product catalog with additional information on Nissan and Infinity factory scan tools. is a division of CAS of New England