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At we know automotive scopes! And we offer scopes in a variety of hardware configurations. If you are looking to add advanced automotive scope functions to your OEM PC laptop platform; we have it! Looking for a scope that is ready to handle the latest Electric Vehicles? We offer those too! Or if you want to explore what's available in a combination scan tool with scope, that's another one of the specialty products that we offer.

2 Channel, 4 Channel, Current Ramping, Ignition Patterns, Scope's with Sensor Presets, Scopes that let you Record and Playback, Scopes that interface with a PC for training and group presentations.....We offer many variations! Typically, our scope offerings are the Best-Of-The-Best in terms of capabilities, flexibility, and value. We'd be glad to help you pick the scope that is right for your situation!

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As the number of PC based OEM applications climb, the convenience of a laptop based scope running on the same PC platform as your OEM level scan tool makes more sense with every new model year release. To address this growing need OEMTools has partnered with Pico Technology to become one of their very exclusive US distributors!

PicoScope Automotive Oscilloscope

Modern vehicles are increasingly challenging to service, requiring advanced diagnostic equipment to successfully find and repair faults. The PicoScope 4425A 4-channel automotive oscilloscope from Pico Technology is just such a device.

Connected to a PC or laptop for control and waveform display, the PicoScope 4425A features a 400MS/s sampling rate, 250MS of buffer memory, a ±200V voltage input range, 12-bit to 16-bit vertical resolution, floating inputs, a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface, and much more.

The PicoScope 4425A also incorporates a new smart-connection technology named PicoBNC+ that allows the scope to take a more active role in recognizing, powering and configuring probes, current clamps and other accessories. The result is faster, more reliable setup and fewer mismatch errors.

Ideal for analyzing a range of signals from multiple vehicle systems, this powerful tool can help:

  • Test vehicle components/systems with minimal teardown
  • Find troublesome intermittent faults.
  • Investigate issues with no, multiple, or misleading fault codes.
  • Diagnose charging and starting faults.
  • Trace problems with actuators including those not monitored by the ECU
  • Identify mechanical problems
  • Develop objective data for manager/customer discussions
  • Provide a key component in a proven NVH solution

Each PicoScope 4425A oscilloscope is driven by PicoScope 7 Automotive, thier next generation, user-interface software. PicoScope 7 Automotive controls signal display and provides a powerful selection of tools for waveform analysis, as well as offering access to a library of Guided Tests and reference waveforms.

Packaged in configurations that include various probes, leads, adapters and accessories, PicoScope kits are available for a range of budgets and special applications. We offer standard and advanced automotive kits, an EV kit, a kit for diesel diagnostics and also kits for our popular NVH and Pressure Transducer accessories.

Standard Package

Advanced Package

EV Package

PicoScope automotive oscilloscopes are specifically designed for use in automotive applications. With features such as high resolution and accuracy, a large memory buffer, and a high-speed USB connection, PicoScope automotive oscilloscopes offer unrivaled performance and are suitable for use in the most demanding automotive applications. Couple this up with the automotive application-specific laptops and tablet PCs OEMTools offers and you have a state-of-the-art scope application good for years to come!

When you order a PicoScope Automotive Oscilloscope from OEMTools you get industry-leading performance that is both affordable and easy-to-use. Pico branded automotive oscilloscopes combine the performance and features you would expect from the market leader in PC oscilloscope technology, all in an easy-to-use and very affordable package!

You can purchase a PicoScope automotive oscilloscope for use with your present laptop PC or purchase a completely set up Laptop and PICO Scope from We are authorized resellers of both Dell laptops and Panasonic Toughbook laptops. By ordering everything from one source you are provided with the peace of mind knowing that it will work right the 1st time you power it up. In the future, if service issues should arise you also end up with having a single point of contact no matter what the problem may be!

Contact us today for more information or to place an order!

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Please note these kits require the shop have a laptop PC to load the software onto. Minimum specifications for the laptop: Windows XP, XPPro, Vista, 20 GB Free HDD space, 1 GB RAM, 1 USB port. You can also order these kits preloaded onto a new laptop as a turnkey solution.

PICO 2 Channel
4225A Starter Kit


Kit Contents (Coming Soon!)

PICO 4 Channel
4425A Starter Kit


Kit Contents (Coming Soon!)

PICO 2 Channel
4225A Standard Kit w/ case in foam


Kit Contents (Coming Soon!)

PICO 4 Channel
4425A Standard Kit w/ case in foam


Kit Contents (Coming Soon!)

PICO 4 Channel
4425A Advanced Kit in case w/ foam


Kit Contents

PICO 4 Channel EV Kit
4425A w/case in foam


Kit Contents

PICO 4 Channel Diesel Kit
4425A in case w/ foam


Kit Contents

PICO 4 Channel Assessors Kit
4425A in case w/ foam


Kit Contents

PICO 4 Channel Master Kit
4425A in Case


Kit Contents

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