Volkswagen/Audi Scan Tools

At the end of 2014, the VW/Audi VAS system was superseded by the ODIS software application.

Shops wishing to move up to this OEM application can opt to have either VW or Audi or both licenses running on the same laptop. With this new software release, the prior VAS users were advised they could use their old interface device but the tool would not be supported if there were technical issues. It was further recommended that the shop move up to the newer 6154 Diagnostic Interface Kit

Once installed on a correctly configured laptop, the shop will be at the dealer level. Keeping in mind that the registration process requires providing LSID proof of certification for the tool to allow access to security functions.

To order this application, contact for pricing and configuration details.

ODIS Registration Requirements:

Shop owners who are considering putting a VW/Audi ODIS application into use should be warned of the documentation requirements and the time delays this causes.

Items requiring completion during and prior to having their ODIS license issued are multiple. VW/Audi uses a 5+ step process that requires among other items; a personal residence history of the owner for the last 5 years.

A security registration process that requires providing two industry references. Hardware security locks that are to be installed on the host PC prior to purchase/authorization. Proof of commercial business existence by providing copies of letterhead and state-required business licenses. All in all, this results in a multi-week time frame on initial installations.

CAS has experience in these processes and can provide expedited installation assistance to any shop wishing to move into VW/Audi scan tools.

Volkswagen/Audi Alternative Tool:

In almost every case we find nothing is better than the factory tool for the service of individual car lines.

However, VW-Audi is one of the few exceptions where we feel there might be a better solution.

The VCDS laptop application has more than the actual factory tool in some circumstances and it is often found being used by the technicians at both VW and Audi dealerships!

Designed and supported by the Ross-Tech company, our experience in deploying this VW/Audi application has been excellent. The VCDS is the least expensive application we offer, yet it provides unmatched capabilities for the end-user.

In the land of VW/Audi, ‘basic settings’ and ‘coding’ are the terms for setting up ECUs. VCDS allows the operator to perform these functions with no required subscription.

Contact your CAS rep for additional details!

Relevant Documents

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