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Press Release: CAS Announces Major Release For The G-Scan Family Of Scan Tools

The company (CAS) has announced today that E-ZDS the software developer for G-scan, has just
released the next major software update for the G-scan family of scan tools.

CAS President and CEO, John Jenkins commenting on this first major release of 2021; “It’s great to
see the amount of new coverages introduced with this release. Jaguar and Land Rover were extended
quite a bit as were the Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge vehicle lines”

“I am also excited to see the release of an ever increasing number of ADAS calibration capabilities
as E-ZDS is adding a number of 2020 vehicles. In the past, repair shops could wait 2-3 model years for
coverage to arrive. Now with ADAS services, a number of our customers are demanding more current
vehicle coverage. E-ZDS has been addressing this situation with their software development”

It was also noted E-ZDS has security access capabilities for both the FCA vehicle line as well as
Hyundai and Kia making the Gscan-3 and Gscan-2 the only known non-OEM scan tools to offer this
OEM authorized dual security access capability.

The newly added vehicle coverages include a large amount of 2020 model year vehicles, multiple
Mercedes Benz models, 2018-2020 Fiat Chrysler and 20+ other car lines. Expansion areas include
Diagnostics, Maintenance Functions and ADAS calibrations. Also made available is a multi-page ‘What’s
New’ PDF file for downloading from the CAS website;

Customers under a current subscription are encouraged to update their G-scan immediately to take
advantage of all the latest additions and enhancements. G-scan owners wishing to purchase a
subscription are encouraged to call their CAS representative.

View the full press release here: Gscan Software Update Press Release