Tech Alert, July 12, 2022

Notice Date: July 12, 2022
Product Affected: Gscan-3, Opti-Aim (Gscan-3 base)
Condition: There is a possible fire hazard with Gscan-3 units due to the lithium-ion battery overheating during use or while charging.
Actions To Take: Customers with either a Gscan-3 or an Opti-Aim version Gscan-3 are directed to immediately remove the lithium-Ion battery from their GScan-3 tools. There have been reported incidents of the batteries overheating, damaging the scan tool and in some cases catching on fire. This situation is occurring even after a Battery Exchange Program was performed in 2021.
The manufacturer of the tool GIT, will be supplying all users with a new design battery and a new design rear battery cover. Until these components are received by CAS and shipped to each end user, operation of the GScan-3 can be accomplished without the internal battery. It is expected CAS will begin shipping the replacement batteries and covers in early September.
Please note:
Call CAS Tech Support or your local CAS Rep if you require assistance in removing the battery.
The CAS Tech Support Team
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