Multi-Line Scanners

Manufactured by GIT, the same manufacturer of the current Hyundai and Kia OEM scan tools, the Zenith and G-scan lines offer the aftermarket repair shop a complete solution that mirrors the OEM factory tool performance for both Hyundai and Kia while also providing coverage for most other car lines in the USA.


Unparalleled Diagnostic Software in a World-Class Industrial Tablet

Just introduced in 2022, the Zenith Z5 tool is an Android-based platform that takes advantage of the latest technologies available.

8" Sunlight readable FHD LCD Touchscreen to its Octa-Core processor running at 2.1GHz, you will appreciate its fast and easy operation.

Boasting a rearview camera plus audio recording capabilities the user is able to record still photos, video, and sound recordings. All to help you communicate with your customers or insurance claims company.

No more acronyms and cutting of signicant texts. Z5 offers the long-text DTC descriptions in fullscreen, so you get all the information you need.

The Zenith Z5 also has integrated Wi-Fi access without limits or lockouts! Access online service information such as Mitchell or AllData, jump to an OEM site for on-screen service procedures, or use the Wi-Fi combined with an integrated remote hosting feature to obtain remote support from CAS. Ask for a live demonstration today!

Download a copy of the Zenith Z5 Product Catalog here.



LCD Display





Pre-Scan/Post Scan

Pre-Post Scan Reporting

Almost every OEM has issued a position statement on the need for both a Pre-Scan prior to repairs being performed and a Post-Scan after repairs are completed and prior to the vehicle being released back to the owner. ADAS systems create a potential liability for any service department that does not document proper operation of the vehicle prior to its release back to the customer. With the Zenith Z5, users can create customized reports that can be e-mailed direct from the bays or sent to a local printer or converted to PDF format and saved for future reference.

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Built for everyday use

Most shops have or should have a general purpose scan tool.

There are a number of possible choices from multiple vendors and manufacturers. At CAS we have found that the G-scan2 provides the best overall price to capabilities ratio. Vehicle line coverage includes Domestic, Asian and European as well as commercial truck lines. With a hi-definition color touch screen, multiple processors and an ‘Instant-On’ feature, this is one fast, user friendly scanner!

G-scan2 capabilities also includes multi-meter, data graphing, 4 trace lab scope, CAN line diagnostics and on-line wireless updates direct to the tool.

The G-scan2 can also act as a substitute for the factory tool for Hyundai/Kia car lines and allows for programming these car lines. Updates are reasonably priced and the G-scan2 does not ‘time out’ at the end of the subscription!

GScan 2 device

G-scan Tab

Small but powerful

Gscan Tab
The ‘PC version’ of the above listed G-scan2.

With so many of our CAS customers already running a PC for OEM scan applications, it made sense to offer this version of G-scan2. Dubbed the ‘G-Scan Tab’, this application has all the same coverage as the G-scan2 beginning with model year 1996. However, unlike the G-scan2, the G-scan Tab uses a Class 1 Bluetooth connection between the DLC adapter and the laptop. This Bluetooth feature un-tethers the tech from the vehicle making for a more convenient user experience.

An added note about the G-scan Tab, as this tool is built by the same folks who build the Hyundai/Kia factory tools (GDS), they simply transfer over the software into the Tab. This fact makes the G-scan Tab an excellent alternative to buying OEM for these two popular car lines!

Why Zenith Z5, G-scan2 or G-scan Tab for ADAS

Servicing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems requires a proper scan tool, access to service information procedures and static calibration targets.

An OEM scan tool will certainly do the scan tool’s job, however cost factors can become a big issue for many repair shops that service multiple car lines. The G-scan2 or Zenith Z5 may be the perfect solution. These tools software has been in use by the #1 OEM glass manufacturer in the world for almost 4 years. They use it for doing ADAS recalibrations after a windshield has been replaced. With over 10,000 calibration procedures already performed, this relationship gives CAS and the GIT software developers an edge. The ADAS functions are constantly being run and reported back to us as we continue to develop new ADAS functions.

Contact us online or Call your CAS rep to discuss the possibilities! together with our mother company, CAS of New England, is the exclusive distributor of the Zenith and G-scan scan tools in the USA. Click here for assistance in ordering today!

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