February Newsletter from CAS

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This month we're covering a wide range of topics from how the used car field is expanding in technology and how to expand the memory in your computer to help with performance.

We've previously talked about how you can adjust to the weather, but now we're covering how technology has adapted to overcome climate change.

Our tech tip talks about two-factor authentication and the security it affords you and your shop.

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⚙️Used Cars & ADAS Assurance

⚙️Horses in your car, RAMs in your PC

⚙️Mastering Environmental Challenges

⚙️Tech Tip - Two Factor Authentication

Used Cars and ADAS Assurance

Working on cars with Advanced Driver Safety Systems (ADAS) brings a unique set of challenges. As an automotive technician, it's important during an inspection to be on the lookout for any signs that these high-tech systems might be out of calibration. Even something as minor as a fender bender or a replaced windshield can throw off ADAS calibration, affecting how the car's safety features perform.

When servicing or inspecting a customer's 'newly purchased used car' with ADAS, it's important to be aware of any knocks, bumps, or details that could obscure a camera or events that may have previously damaged the sensors - like a crash. A car might look great on the outside and even drive smoothly, but if its ADAS isn't properly set up, it's not necessarily road-safe. These systems, like automatic braking or lane-keeping, can have hidden issues due to improper repairs or calibration.

For example, a seemingly perfect used car might have had a windshield replaced but the camera wasn't recalibrated correctly. So the adaptive cruise control set to adjust the vehicle speed when a car is say 20 feet in front of you, might not register until 4 feet! Because the camera wasn't properly calibrated the vehicle is now too close to the car in front of it.

So when a customer arrives with a 'new to them' used car at your shop, either for inspection or real repair, it requires more than a physical inspection. The ADAS systems should be inspected for proper operation by use of a scan tool and/or physically driving the vehicle. This responsibility might be hefty, but for those of us in the industry, it's just part of the job. Properly functioning ADAS systems can be the difference between a narrow escape and a serious accident!

ADAS systems are available from CAS, click here to see some options.

Horses in your cars, RAMs in your computer


RAM is the muscle that helps your computer handle tasks quickly. It's a part of your computer that holds the information it needs, and more RAM means your computer can process more things at once without getting bogged down by launching an OEM app or performing a reprogramming.

Adding RAM is a small investment which may seem like a simple change, but it can make your computer feel brand new, especially if it's an older model.

Whether you're downloading a calibration file, launching an OEM app or performing a software update, having enough RAM is key to keeping everything running smoothly. It's an easy way to give your computer a boost over a speed bump that might otherwise be slowing you down.

NOTE: CAS routinely performs RAM (and Hard Drive) updates to our customers PC's. If you are seeing a slowdown in operational speed, call your CAS Rep for a quote on doing an upgrade, it's not as nearly expensive as you might think. Or send us a message by clicking here.


Mastering Environmental Challenges



The recent video of a Tesla car effortlessly navigating through floodwaters in San Diego has sparked a conversation about the future of automotive innovation in the face of environmental challenges. This video shows a significant jump in how modern vehicles, particularly electric ones, are designed to overcome obstacles classic cars weren't necessarily equipped for.

A noticeable increase in more extreme weather patterns has left car manufacturers wondering how they are going to ensure vehicles can handle these conditions. This includes waterproofing key components, enhancing battery technology, and improving vehicle buoyancy and stability. Such advancements not only demonstrate the resilience of electric vehicles but also highlight the importance of sustainable automotive changes in a constantly changing world.

This trend towards environmentally adaptable cars is not just a technological triumph; it's an unfortunate necessity. The automotive industry's ability to adapt and innovate is crucial the more unpredictable our weather patterns get. Not just for maintaining vehicles but also for maintaining the safety of their passengers who are now considering these factors when making vehicle purchases.

Click here to view the video.

Tech Tip - ATTN: Two Factor Authentication

In today's world, keeping our tools and accounts safe is more important than ever. You might have heard of something called "two-factor authentication" or 2FA for short. It's a fancy term, but the idea is simple and effective.


It's like adding an extra lock to your toolbox – the first lock is your password, and the second is a special code that only you can get. Even if someone had your first key, they couldn't open the toolbox without the second key. That's what 2FA does for your online accounts and tools.


More and more carlines now require you to have 2FA if you work on them or sometimes even to launch their software. Mercedes Benz, FCA (Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler), Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, and more are all now using 2FA.

The Benefits for You:

Extra Security: With 2FA, even if someone guesses or steals your password, they can't get into your account without the second code.
Peace of Mind: Knowing you have this extra layer of protection can make you feel more secure about using your tools and accounts online.
Easy to Use: Once it's set up, it's just one more simple step to access your accounts, but it makes a big difference in keeping things safe.

Setting up 2FA might sound tricky, but it's usually pretty straightforward once you've done a few of these. The CAS Tech Support group has set up hundreds of 2FA accounts as they prep new OEM packages for delivery.


If you're unsure about your 2FA or are having problems with getting it to work, call the CAS Tech Support team for assistance. Quite often, they set your system up originally and help you get back to work. CAS Tech Support is on extension #3...Available M-F 8:30am to 5:00pm EST