TECH ALERT: Chrysler’s wi-Tech / Tech Authority products

Notice Date: July 2, 2020
Product Affected: Chrysler’s wi-Tech / Tech Authority products

Condition: FCA wiTech has just released a bulletin indicating their intent to begin charging for individual flash files effective July 8th. The recently released bulletin (# 964), indicates that as of July 8th FCA will require any wiTech user who attempts to do a re-flash, will be required to purchase a ‘Vehicle Programming Subscription’ for $35. It is unclear at this point if wiTech users with a current Tech Authority subscription will have to pay this new fee. Currently, all Tech Authority subscriptions include unlimited flash files. Calls made by CAS into both FCA support for wiTech and wiTech aftermarket support resulted in replies that indicate no one was sure how this fee structure would affect current Tech Authority subscribers. We are continuing to request clarification of this point prior to July 8th.

Actions To Take: At this point there is no immediate action to be taken. If we determine that any shop that has a current Tech Authority subscription prior to July 8th will not have to pay this added fee during their subscription period, we will then be suggesting shops immediately contact CAS to purchase a renewal if they are averaging 4 or more re-flashes per month as a method to mitigate these fees.

We will issue a follow up ‘CAS Tech Alert’ once additional information is available…
The CAS Tech Support Team
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