Notice Date: June 6th, 2021
Product Affected: Gscan-3, Gscan-2, Gscan-TAB

Condition: On May 15th E-ZDS released the 2nd major software release for 2021.

Actions To Take: This release contains updates for 24 different car lines. Of special note for users involved in ADAS calibrations, the update contains the addition of the majority of 2021 Chrysler vehicles. A second major enhancement is the addition of multiple Isuzu vehicle coverages. To take advantage of this development, Gscan owners should download this software release at their earliest opportunity.

Additional information about this update including a PDF document for download, can be found on our website; Gscan owners who have expired subscriptions will be able to download this release but will not have access to the updated software once it’s been loaded onto their Gscan.
Call CAS Tech Support or your local CAS Rep if you require assistance in performing this update. Call CAS Inside Sales or your local CAS Rep if you wish to purchase a subscription renewal to keep your Gscan up to date!
The CAS Tech Support Team
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