Tech Alert: wi-Tech/Tech Authority Down

Notice Date: June 17th, 2022
Product Affected: wi-Tech / Tech Authority
Condition: After the Stellantis company migrated all wi-Tech and Tech Authority subscriptions to their new site on June 5th, all accounts were found to be in-opt or marginally functional. To correct this situation Stellantis had to port over all Tech Authority subscriptions to be associated with the customer’s wi-Tech subscription account. This project was completed appx. 3 days ago. We are now tasked with re-registering all wi-Tech accounts. We are working as fast as possible with multiple employees working on this project.

As each customer’s account is set up on the new StellantisIOP web page, we are sending out a notification e-mail to that shop. We hope to have all shops registered by sometime next week. You will receive a notice via e-mail when your accounts are again active.
Warning: Due to the way Stellantis configured their website with existing registered hardware owners, any shop that attempts to register on the Stellantis site and purchase a 3 day T/A day pass on their own will find that the hardware associated with your wi-Tech account will not operate. Instructions on the proper path to purchase any subscription will be include in your notification e-mail.
Actions To Take: Watch for your notification e-mail. If you have a car-in-the-bay that you wish to service with wi-Tech, contact CAS Tech Support and ask to be set-up right away. We typically can accomplish this in appx 60 minutes. If you have additional questions, please contact either your local CAS Rep or CAS Tech Support…
The CAS Tech Support Team
1-877-263-4897 /