December Newsletter from CAS

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The year is almost over!

December's newsletter tracks what we did through the year and some of those best-selling equipment that would make great stocking stuffers!

See our technical articles that explains the difference between programming, coding, and calibrations. We'll also tell you about some bay banners that owners have raved about.

Our employee spotlight this month is Brian Dugay and our Tech Tip tells you about cache, cookies, and when to (or not to!) clear them.

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⚙️End of the Year Highlights

⚙️Stocking Stuffers

⚙️Programming, Coding and Calibration

⚙️Bay Banners Now Available

⚙️Employee Spotlight - Brian Dugay

⚙️Tech Tip - Cache & Cookies

End of the Year Highlights

As we approach the end of another successful year, we at CAS want to take a moment to reflect on some of the highlights and top-selling products that have made this year remarkable for us and our valued customers.

Scan Tool Purchases: Looking at what shops were buying and adding to their diagnostic arsenal in 2023, the top three OEM scan tools purchased is looking like Hyundai and Kia as the #1 and #2 most purchased tools. The #3 slot goes to GM's GDS-2 with the MDI interface. Interesting to note that the most searched-for OEM tool hits on our website was for the GM factory tool.

Subscriptions: CAS tracks over 20,000 subscriptions for our customers. In 2023 the most active subscription renewal activity was for Ford IDS followed by wiTech and then the GM GDS software.

Miscellaneous Parts: Among the many replacement parts we offer, the two most popular small part orders were replacement batteries for the Dell PCs we have sold and Solid State Drive updates for those same Dells and some of the original Panasonic laptops we delivered.

Tech Support Calls: The most common tech support call received in 2023 is for the situation where the OEM interface device will not connect to the laptop-based OEM App. Although there are multiple possible reasons for this to occur almost universally the CAS Tech Support guys solve the issue on the first call.

As we wrap up the year, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our customers for their trust and loyalty. It's been a year of challenges and triumphs, and we're grateful to have been a part of your success!

Stay tuned for more innovative solutions and we look forward to serving you in 2024 !

Stocking Stuffers: Last Minute items you might order


Trade in your Micropod-2 for an MDP

Update your Ford VCM-2 to a VCM-3


Trade in your GScan-2 or 3 for a new Z5

Update your GM MDI to an MDI-2


Sometimes you owe yourself a Christmas Gift! Call your CAS rep to discuss the benefits of updating your older tools to these latest versions. 1-877-263-4897 ext. # 1

Programming, Code, and Calibration


In the industry of automotive diagnostic scan tools the terms "Programming," "Coding" and "Calibration" have distinct meanings and differences. Understanding these differences is important for technicians and shop owners in the automotive repair and diagnostic field.


This is the process of uploading a fresh or newer file version into an ECU thus overwriting the existing file. The Engine Control Unit (ECU), Transmission Control Unit (TCU) and other electronic modules most often have a programming requirement to address identified issues.

Programming is also required quite often when replacing an ECU in a vehicle so that it communicates correctly with the vehicle's systems. In some cases, a tech can substitute a used ECU but in other situations only a new ECU will allow completion of the repair.


In this context, coding typically refers to selecting the software instructions written for the particular vehicle the ECU is being installed in. This can include the operating system of the ECU, the software that controls the infotainment system, or the algorithms that manage advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

Coding, unlike programming does not typically load any new software onto the ECU but instead it 'selects' the options required for that vehicle. Another way of putting it, coding 'flips the electronic switches' within the ECU so it understands the vehicle it is installed in and acts accordingly.


In the automotive context this involves adjusting the parameters within a vehicle's control systems to maintain performance. This can include settings like the correct fuel injection timing, steering angle alignment or camera alignments (like those used in ADAS systems).


Calibration is essential for ensuring that the vehicle operates as intended, especially after parts replacement or repair. It ensures that sensors and systems are accurately reporting and responding to the vehicle's condition.

To many shops programming and coding is a seemingly everyday occurrence. To other shops the situation doesn't occur too often. In many cases the shop may not have the tools or possibly the confidence to attempt a re-programming or coding event. CAS does offer remote assistance for these situations. We do it by remoting in through your iScan-3, Gscan-3 or Z-5 scan tool.

To learn more about this service call our remote support line at 833-397-3668 or your local CAS rep at 877-263-4897 ext. # 1...

Bay Banners bring new customers in!


For shop owners looking to add some advertisement opportunities to their service bays, we've got something that might interest you. CAS is now offering Car-line Bay Banners featuring major car brands including Ford, General Motors (See below example), Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan and Honda. With a dimension of 8 feet wide by 2 1/2 feet tall, these banners are a straightforward and effective way to let customers know the type of vehicles your shop specializes in.

As a bonus, we're offering these banners at a special price of $105 when purchased with a factory scan tool or any shop that already owns one of these factory scan tools through's a small investment that can make a noticeable difference in your shop's appearance and customer's perception.

These banners are just one of the many ways we're here to support you in making your shop the best it can be.

Employee Spotlight - Brian Dugay



At 27 years with CAS, Brian is among our most experienced and dedicated sales reps. Possessing a wealth of experience and knowledge, he is a guy you’ll want to advise you on your next scan tool purchase. Currently covering Connecticut & Western MA., Brian's professional journey is impressive. With an ASE L1 certification, and 40 years in the automotive industry he's not just adept at sales; he's also a master of automotive diagnostics and well-known for going above and beyond for his customers.


But Brian is more than his professional accolades. He's a man of diverse interests. An avid outdoorsman, during his off hours you will often find him hunting & fishing with his friends & family. He also plays several musical instruments including a hand-built cigar box guitar that he has lately begun building himself. From his fascination with muscle cars to his love for the open road; you may also find him cruising the back roads of Connecticut on his replica of the iconic Captain America chopper from the movie "Easy Rider." This bike isn't just a mode of transport; it's a symbol of freedom and adventure, much like Brian himself.


For expert advice and top-notch service in automotive diagnostics, Brian is ready to assist. Contact him directly at 877-263-4897, option 1 for sales, for all your automotive tool inquiries.


Tech Tip - Cache & Cookies!

When you clear the cache and cookies on your automotive diagnostic tools, it's like giving them a fresh start. However, this simple maintenance step can sometimes lead to unexpected hiccups, like wiping out saved passwords. These passwords are often key to making adjustments or calibrations on vehicles or even updating your scan tool application.

To keep things running smoothly, consider jotting down your passwords somewhere safe before clearing your cache. This way, you won't be left scrambling for access when you need it most. Regular updating of your tools is great for performance, but keeping track of your passwords ensures you're always ready to go.

A special note: CAS Tech Support does maintain an extensive but secure database of many of the usernames and passwords of the scan tools we have set up. If you have lost or misplaced your username or passwords, calling CAS Tech Support can quite often save the day! Call them at 877-263-4897 ext. #3.