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In this month's issue of the Connected Automotive Systems (CAS) newsletter, we're sharing tips for getting faster Tech Support assistance, celebrating our tech support team member Harry Berry's 20th anniversary, navigating the semiconductor shortage that's affecting OEM interface availability, and reminding GScan 3 tool owners about our critical Battery Exchange Program to address an overheating issue.

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⚙️BEP 2.0 Battery Exchange
⚙️Semi-Conductor Shortage
⚙️Employee Spotlight: Harry
⚙️TechTip - How to jump the Tech Support Line

BEP 2.0 Battery Exchange - ATTN: GSCAN3 Customers

We're reaching out today with an important update about our GScan 3 tools. We've discovered an issue with the original batteries which can, in some instances, lead to overheating and even fire.

In response, we initiated the BEP 2.0 Battery Exchange Program. We've dispatched replacement batteries and new back covers (designed to alleviate this overheating issue) to all GScan 3 owners.

We're grateful to those who have swiftly sent us their old batteries, in a successful exchange, however, there are still a few more out there. If you haven’t returned your old battery yet, we urge you to do so immediately.

Please follow these steps:

Cease using your GScan 3 with the old battery.
Replace the old battery and back cover with the new ones we sent.
Send the old battery back to us.

If you cannot find your new components or didn't receive them, please call our Sales Order Processing team at 508-238-5855, extension #2. We're prepared to send a second shipment, though supplies are limited.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any concerns.


Understanding the Semiconductor Shortage and its Impact on the Automotive Industry


You might have heard about a global shortage of semiconductors. These tiny but essential components power many of our everyday electronics and they're particularly important to our industry.

COVID-19 led to a big uptick in people buying electronics and threw a wrench in the production of semiconductors. The resulting shortage has affected the availability of some automotive diagnostic tools, which rely on semiconductors to do their job.

We've been dealing with backorders for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) interfaces at Connected Automotive Systems (CAS), with over 100 orders on the backburner. But there's a bright side: we're improving. The number of backorders was over 200 at this time last year!

Despite this shortage, some of our tools like the Autoland's iScan-3, E-ZDS's Z5, and TEXA tools have remained largely unaffected. These versatile tools work with many different car models, proving just how crucial adaptability is in challenging times.

While the shortage has brought its challenges, we remain committed to keeping you in the loop and doing our best to navigate these times together.

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to give our office a call at (508) 238-5855.

Employee Spotlight: Harold Berry CAS Tech Support

For this month's Employee Spotlight, we recognize Harold "Harry" Berry, an integral figure in our tech support team who has been with us for 20 years.

Harry's primary responsibility at CAS is setting up new installations before they're shipped. This ensures our customers receive ready-to-use products, thereby optimizing their experience from the get-go.

Another essential facet of Harry's role involves managing our subscription renewal data. With over 20,000 subscriptions to track, this is no small feat. However, Harry's systematic approach ensures a smooth operation and up-to-date records.

In addition, Harry serves as one of our Tech Support team members, assisting customers and CAS field representatives. His role includes troubleshooting, problem-solving, and providing technical advice to ensure effective solutions.

Outside of work, Harry enjoys bowling, where he has successfully scored a 300, and traveling with his wife, with whom he recently journeyed to Hawaii, demonstrating the importance of a balanced lifestyle.

We appreciate Harry's diligence and commitment over the past 20 years, which have contributed significantly to the smooth running of CAS. His consistency, dedication to detail, and easy-going nature are an important part of our operations.

Thank you, Harry!

Tech Tip – How to jump the Tech Support Line


CAS supports products from many major OEMs, and at times, you may not immediately reach our Tech Support team when you call. In such instances, your best course of action is to leave a detailed voicemail explaining your problem.

Please note that making multiple calls will not enhance your chances of getting support; we return calls based on the order of the voicemails received.

If you're looking to expedite our response time, there's an effective method that may help your situation, but it's applicable only to laptops provided by CAS. When leaving a voicemail, provide a concise yet comprehensive description of your issue, and ensure your laptop is online and plugged into AC power. Our Tech Support team, once they listen to your message can often times remotely log into your PC and resolve the issue without first calling your shop. This can happen while the CAS Tech Support agent is potentially handling calls that came in before yours but still allowing them to get your OEM application back in operation!

Unfortunately, this remote access solution doesn't extend to laptops not supplied by CAS, as they lack our specialized remote access software. But if you have a CAS provided PC, you're in luck!

CAS Tech Support is in operation Monday-Friday from 8:30am till 5:00pm EST