August Newsletter from CAS

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Welcome to CAS of New England's newsletter! This month we explain a recent change on our website regarding subscriptions and e-commerce. Explore the M106 LTE Gateway Router, designed for automotive diagnostics on the go. Dive into major EV industry developments, from charging stations to innovative battery technologies. Need a speed boost? Check out our quick router fix-it guide.

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⚙️New Online Purchasing System
⚙️M106 LTE Gateway Router
⚙️From the Field - Electric Vehicles by Howard Sanders
⚙️TechTip - Improved Router Performance in a Jiff

New Online Purchasing System

Hello everyone,

We wanted to take some time in this month's newsletter to explain a recent change on our website and the reason for it! As anyone who orders subscriptions or passes at our website knows, the method was simple:

(1) Input your E-mail address

(2) Input your tool's serial number

(3) Proceed to PayPal payment.

Unfortunately, we began having issues a short while ago where the receipt from PayPal to us did not always include the e-mail address and serial number, leading to a conflict that prevented us from getting the proper information to the right department in order to authorize the purchases and subscriptions.

After several weeks of attempted fixes and conversations, we decided to adjust how e-commerce works on our website and create a form that made sure all relevant information was sent to the necessary departments. The motivating factor behind this change was to prevent any customers who purchase on a Friday after hours from having to wait all weekend to receive access due to the error and, through this fix, we resolved that problem.

If you have any questions about how it works or need help navigating the system or purchasing a product, please feel free to call your CAS Rep or the CAS office toll-free at (877) 263-4897.

M106 LTE Gateway Router

Introducing the M106 LTE Gateway Router, a complete solution for automotive diagnostics, now available at CAS of New England. This state-of-the-art router embodies the 'One throat to choke' concept, providing seamless connectivity from the Car-DLC connector to the internet, with CAS support every step of the way.

With key features like a 3G/4G Module, built-in 5000mAh battery for up to 8 hours of operation, WAN/LAN Port, wireless repeater mode, cloud management, custom-made high gain antennas, and inline failover built-in at no charge, it's the perfect solution for mobile techs on the go.

Choose from two bundle plans with different download speeds, CASNet (25mbps) and CASNet Plus+ (50mbps), to suit your needs, and take advantage of our exclusive 10-Month, 0% interest balanced billing offer when you add the M106 to your renewals order this year.

With its cutting-edge features and CAS's unwavering support, the M106 is poised to enhance your diagnostic operations and drive your business forward in this digital era!

The M106 will be available sometime in September 2023, so call your CAS rep to place an order or find out more today!

From the Field - Electric Vehicles by Howard Sanders

Is it time to think about a more EV-Centric Scan or servicing tool? We're diving into some major developments in the EV area that you might not be aware of.

Major Developments in the EV Industry

  • A Michigan-based company is testing "Inductive Battery Charging" by burying 2 miles of wire in Michigan Ave.
  • GM has partnered with Flying J/Pilot Truck Stop/Gas Stations to install Fast Charging Stations across the country.
  • The US Department of Transportation is collaborating with Canada to create an “Electrified Corridor” from Toronto to Kalamazoo, with EV charging stations every 10 miles.
  • Michigan plans to have 18 State Parks with EV Charging stations by the end of 2023.
  • GM, Ford, Rivian, & Volvo are set to use Tesla Charging Station Technology with an Adapter Plug, starting in early 2024.

Advancements in Battery Technology

  • Factorial Energy has received U.N. Safety Certification for their new Solid State Battery Design.
  • ProLogium is developing Mercedes-Benz's Lithium-Ceramic Battery, featuring a 100% Silicon Oxide Anode Design for weight savings.
  • Several manufacturers are set to release Lithium-Metal-Phosphate Battery Technology in vehicles by 2025.

The Game-Changing Solid State Battery Technology

If you're not familiar with Lithium-Iron or Lithium-Metal Battery Technology, you will be soon. This "Solid State" Battery technology has several advantages over Lithium-Ion, such as significantly less weight, 10-minute full charging times, no battery overheating, and it's not affected by colder climates. Plus, all the raw materials required for these new batteries are readily available in the USA.

Tools for Servicing EVs

As a Shop Owner or Manager, you should consider tools like the Bartec Tech400Pro, a strong TPMS tool that allows servicing on EVs. Another tool to consider is the TEXA Premium Car Tool, a broad coverage Scan Tool with an EV emphasis.

The continuous advancements in the EV industry show that a more sustainable and technologically advanced future is well underway. Savvy Shop Owners and Managers will see the new opportunities for servicing these vehicles. They will be ready, properly equipped, and trained to deal with these new systems & technologies.

CAS of New England is here for your EV Diagnostic Scan & TPMS Tool needs!

Tech Tip - Improve Router Performance in a Jiff

Hey there! Ever felt like your router's slowing you down? Here's a quick fix-it guide to get your internet speed up to par.

  1. Location, Location, Location: Your router's spot can make or break your Wi-Fi. Try to keep it central and high up, away from walls or metal stuff.
  2. Lock it Up: Don't let freeloaders slow your network. Use WPA2 or WPA3 security and keep changing your password.
  3. Stay Updated: Just like your favorite apps, your router needs updates too. Keep its firmware current for top-notch performance.
  4. Channel Surf: Your router uses channels to send Wi-Fi. Too much traffic on one? Switch it up in your router's settings.
  5. Go Dual-Band: If your garage is a gadget haven, a dual-band router could be your new best friend. It uses two frequencies for a smoother connection.

Remember, a little router TLC can go a long way in keeping your diagnostics running smoothly. Happy tuning!