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CAS of New England customers get to utilize all of our online resources, such as Technical Support, and our Customers Only web-pages with useful information on proper operation and optimization of diagnostic scan tools.

And, our customers are also subscribed to our “Tech Alert” email newsletter and are notified when new updates are available, along with instructions to get them live.

At CAS, we are trained and qualified automotive specialists, with ASE certification, typically L1 level. We are committed to bringing our customers the “Best in Class” tools, information, and reprogramming to the general aftermarket.

Knowledge about the products one sells, technical support after the sale, repair service when things go wrong, service loaners and the ability to remotely access and service a shop’s laptop application are all ‘minimum acceptable’ services to us.

We also provide initial training on delivery, free loaners on all tools, warranty registrations on all sales, and 100% money back guarantee!

Ready to speak with someone from our staff? To get more information, give us a call, or contact us online.

Updates at CAS of New England

You may have noticed some changes here at!

For starters, we’ve launched a brand new website recently. We hope that this new site helps our customers find what they need easier, get in contact with us, and provide more resources as needed for their automotive scan tools.

You may have also noticed that CAS of New England is now on social media. We’re now on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We hope that these additional digital avenues help us provide better service and connect with our customers as well as share our automotive diagnostic expertise with an even wider audience.

Lastly, this post is the first of many to come, as we are integrating our news, press releases, and company updates all in our Company News page. Here, we will be providing product and scan tools updates as well, in order to keep our customers up-to-date on the most recent information available.

If you’d like to get more information as it becomes available in your email inbox, you can also sign up for our company newsletter here.