Notice Date: September 1, 2021
Product Affected: Gscan-3, Opti-Aim (Gscan-3 base)

Condition: There is a Battery Exchange Program for all GScan-3 units

Actions To Take: The manufacturer of the GScan-3 (GIT) has requested that CAS exchange all Gscan-3 lithium batteries of units sold in North America that were delivered prior to August 1st, 2021. This exchange is being done due to a single incident where a GScan-3 battery overheated while in use. The event happened in June of this year. GIT feels that to prevent the possibility of this happening with other Gscan-3 tools, all batteries should be replaced and an operating system update should be performed.

The exchange program will be done at no charge to all affected customers. This exchange will not be necessary for Gscan-2 or Gscan-1 customers, only Gscan-3 tools.
Beginning this week and continuing through the month of September, packages will start mailing out to shops. The packages contain a new lithium battery, an SD card for doing the operating system update, an instruction sheet, a CAS memo with further details and a tape strip to reseal the box for the return of the old battery via UPS.
An instructional video on how to perform the update can also be found on our website, near the bottom of the page;
Please note: CAS will be scheduling a UPS driver to pick-up the shipping box and old battery two days after it has arrived at your shop. Please have the old battery packed up and ready for pick up. Thanks!
Call CAS Tech Support or your local CAS Rep if you require assistance in performing this update.
The CAS Tech Support Team
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