TECH ALERT :OEMTools/Mopar TSP down

Notice Date: July 28th, 2022
Product Affected: wi-Tech / Tech Authority / VRS passes

Condition: The web site is currently down. It has been down since late Tuesday, July 26th. Because of this situation, shops needing to purchase day passes for wi-Tech, Tech Authority or VRS passes have been prevented from doing so on line. It is hoped that the site will be operational by the end of today, Thursday July 28th.

Actions To Take: If you are in need of any day passes or VRS flash files you can either call your CAS rep and ask him to process an order, or call into CAS order processing 508-238-5855 ext. #2 and ask them to process an order for you.

Remember, when calling you’ll need both your wi-tech e-mail address and Micropod/MDP serial number.
The CAS Tech Support Team
1-877-263-4897 /