TECH ALERT: OEMTools/Mopar TSP fully operational

Notice Date: August 8th, 2022
Product Affected: wiTECH2 / Tech Authority / VRS passes

Condition: The web site was non-operational for most of last week. This outage was caused by a corrupt software program running in the background of the web site. As of Sunday, August 7th the site is now back up and running as planned. Shops wishing to purchase VRS’s and day passes can now do so without issue.

Actions To Take: If you are in need of any wiTECH2, Tech Authority day passes or VRS flash files you can now go to to purchase.

Remember, when ordering you’ll need both your wiTECH2 e-mail address and Micropod/MDP serial number. CarDAQ/J2534 users will need the device’s 25 digit serial number code found in the software itself. Instructions on where to locate the code can be found on the OEMTools site.
Additional questions can be directed to your local CAS sales rep or the CAS Tech Support group on extension #3…
The CAS Tech Support Team
1-877-263-4897 /