TECH ALERT: VW-Audi Notice

Notice Date: October 19th, 2023
Product Affected: VW & Audi ODIS Subscribers

Condition:  The Volkswagen-Audi Group (VAG) has began a process of updating the security procedures for all ODIS users. All ODIS users will be affected. A recap of what they are doing is listed below:

  • Last Week VW/AUDI sent out an e-mail with an attached PDF file to appx 2,800 IRF (Independent Repair Facilities) explaining the process they are starting.
  • On Tuesday, 10-17 VW/Audi loaded all the VW contacts into the GRP (Group Retail Portal) and then sent out an e-mail asking everyone to verify their e-mail address.
  • Some CAS customers received the e-mail directly, other shops had the e-mail coming into us as VW/AUDI used their address
  • For the CAS customers who had the notice sent to CAS, Harold in CAS Tech Support will be creating a new password and then e-mailing these shops to advise them of this change.
  • This will be completed by EOD today. (Thursday 10-19)
  • Audi users will be added on the 30th of October using the same above steps.
  • Appx two weeks after Audi is notified, VAG (VW-Audi Group) will be sending out instructions to create 2 factor authentication for every user.
  • It was noted that when this e-mail arrives the end users will have only 24 hours to reply. So, watch for this e-mail!
  • When all of these steps are complete, VAG will announce to all ODIS users that they can switch from using their current ODIS credentials to their new GRP credentials.
  • VAG has advised us that this final switch and notification will occur sometime around the end of November.
Actions To Take: If you have received a couple of e-mails from VW-Audi, follow the directions ASAP as you have a limited window of time to do so. If you do not recall receiving any e-mails, then most likely we received them and are following the instructions. We will be send out an e-mail today to each of these shops with the new U/N and password. You should however continue to use your current (old) user name and password until VAG announces the switch is complete. Again, this not expected to be announced until sometime in November.If you have any questions, please contact your local CAS sales rep of CAS Tech Support.

The CAS Tech Support Team
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