October Newsletter from CAS

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CAS introduces Support-On-Demand (SOD) for iScan-3, enhancing remote diagnostics. As cars advance, cybersecurity becomes paramount, with modern vehicles adopting robust protective measures. Explore multi-line scan tools like Zenith-5, Texa AXONE, and iScan 3, each tailored for specific vehicle needs. Spotlight on Shelby, our order processing star with deep automotive roots.

Tech Tip: Consider upgrading from Stellantis MicroPod-2 to the more efficient MDP interface, with a special trade-in offer from CAS.

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⚙️ CAS announces SOD

⚙️Two Sides of Car Connectivity

⚙️ Multi-line Scanners and you!

⚙️Employee Spotlight - Shelby!

⚙️Tech Tip - MicroPod-2 going away?


SOD announced for iScan-3 owners

CAS is excited to officially announce the launching of Support-On-Demand (SOD) for all our iScan-3 owners!

So, what is SOD and what is it good for?

SOD is an Autoland Scientech-developed software program for use by select authorized distributors, of which CAS is one. SOD allows the distributor to remotely log into any iScan-3 and run OEM-licensed software remotely through the iScan-3. The SOD application works with Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW/Audi, Toyota, GM and Ford with other lines to be added in 2024.

What good is it for shop owners? There are two possible scenarios that might make sense to the shop owner. First, if you have a car line you service quite often, such as BMW and you need a flash service. SOD allows CAS to log in using our BMW application and perform the flash for you. Thus, no trip to the dealer or delays waiting for a mobile tech to arrive and the service is typically much less expensive going through SOD and CAS.

The second scenario might be when you have a car line in for service that is not a car line you service very often, and are not equipped or comfortable with the service process. Perhaps a Ford vehicle needing a full vehicle scan and possibly a re-flash. An SOD session and your iScan-3 would allow for an in-bay Ford Self Test (DTC code retrieval) full vehicle scan with possibly a network test and a module re-programming if need be. Again, finish the vehicle without it leaving your facility.

There is nothing needed to add to your iScan-3, it's SOD ready now and you only pay for the service when requested.

For additional information or to schedule a session with our L4 ASE Specialist, Rudy, call our remote hotline at 833 EZ-REMOT (833-397-3668) M-F, 8:30am to 5:00PM EST

The Two Sides of Modern Car Connectivity

Cars today are smarter than ever, incorporating technology like backup cameras, digital dashboards, and collision avoidance systems. Having a super-computer vehicle combo is certainly convenient, it's important to be aware of potential complications and the best tools to navigate through them.

The more our cars connect to the world, the more we need to think about who else might be trying to connect to them. There have been talks about people finding ways to access some car systems in a matter of seconds. It's a bit like someone sneaking a peek at your phone when you're not looking, but potentially more serious.

Modern vehicles are increasingly adopting advanced cybersecurity measures to ensure the safety and privacy of their users. One such measure is the integration of firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) that actively monitor and block any suspicious activities, safeguarding the vehicle's internal networks. Even repair shops trying to access a vehicle electronics are faced more and more with 'Secure Gateway Module' access challenges where the vehicle and the OEM want to see who's the shop, who's the technician and the tool being used to access the vehicle. Additionally, to protect data transmitted between the car and external servers, certain encryption techniques are employed to ensure that even if data is intercepted it remains indecipherable.

If you are actively servicing vehicles, you probably are well aware of the above on-going's. What you may not be aware of is that pretty much all aftermarket scanners that allow access to a SGW module equipped vehicle require that the scan tool have a current subscription! So, keep your subscriptions current and you won't find yourself 'locked out' of your customer's vehicles!

Multi-Line Scanners and which might benefit you!


In the ever-evolving world of automotive diagnostics, the tools we use play a pivotal role in ensuring efficient and accurate vehicle diagnostics. Multi-line scan tools, with their ability to cater to various vehicle lines, have emerged as indispensable assets for technicians. Let's delve into three standout multi-line scan tools and explore the unique scenarios where each shines the brightest.


Zenith-5: The All-Rounder Multi-line Scanner

The Zenith-5 from E-ZDS stands out as a versatile multi-line scanner, adept at handling a broad spectrum of vehicle lines. Its comprehensive diagnostic capabilities make it an ideal choice for workshops that deal with a diverse range of vehicles. Whether it's a sedan from Asia, a European luxury car, or an American SUV, the Zenith-5 offers broad line coverage with reliable data. Many CAS customers will triage a vehicle with their Z5 then switch to their OEM scan tool for advanced diagnostics or reprogramming. Z5 shops can also take advantage of remote programming assistance via the EZ-Remote application.

Click here for the Zenith-5

⚙️ Remote Support Capabilities? Yes, via EZ-Remote with CAS.


Texa AXONE: Specialized Heavy-Duty, Bike, Off-Highway, Marine and Construction

While many scan tools cater to standard passenger vehicles, the Texa AXONE takes a specialized approach. It can be tailored for heavy-duty vehicles, motorcycles, off-highway, marine or construction equipment. For technicians who often find themselves working on large trucks, rugged off-road vehicles, or sleek motorcycles, the Texa AXONE with it's Multi-hub interface is a godsend. Its specialized features ensure that even the unique challenges posed by these lines can be serviced with ease.

Click here for the AXONE

⚙️ Remote Support Capabilities? Service support is possible via TeamViewer.


iScan 3: The European Vehicle Maestro

European cars, known for their advanced engineering and unique systems, require a specialized touch when it comes to diagnostics. Enter the iScan 3 by Autoland Scientific. This tool is particularly adept at handling European vehicle lines, making it a must-have for workshops that frequently deal with brands like BMW, Mercedes, Audi and more. With its tailored diagnostic capabilities, technicians can confidently address the nuanced challenges that European cars often present. Of mention is the iScan 3's ability to program BMW vehicles as well as offering the ability for the technician to access Support on Demand (SOD) programming for multiple car lines, including Mercedes Benz, via SOD and CAS's internal remote support team.

Click here for the iScan 3

⚙️ Remote Support Capabilities? Yes, via the SOD application with CAS.


All these scan tools offer a wide range of diagnostic capabilities. Understanding the specific strengths of the Zenith-5, Texa Axone, and iScan 3 can help shop owners select a tool that best fits their needs. All CAS reps carry each of these tools with them and will gladly come into your shop for a live on-car demonstration...Just call!

Employee Spotlight: Shelby - Sales Order Processing

This month's employee spotlight highlights Shelby in our order processing department.

Shelby and CAS both started their journeys in 1995, Shelby being born in 1995 and CAS being founded in 1995. But it wasn't until five years ago that Shelby joined our team. Prior to CAS, she worked in another automotive industry company, before seeking a new challenge after outgrowing her role there.

Shelby was interested in the automotive industry from a young age which she credits to her father, who raced a demo car at Seekonk Speedway. He taught her all the necessities of owning vehicles – oil changes, tire rotations, brake replacements, basic engine repairs – and together they ripped apart and constructed cars for Speedway’s holiday races. “We would always play the ‘guess that car game’ when we were out driving. He made learning things fun,” Shelby said of her father.

Without a clear set career post-high school, Shelby returned to her roots and found employment at an automotive parts repair company where she acquired more knowledge about the automotive industry, particularly in electronic components.

Here at CAS Shelby receives orders the sales reps send in, processes them and selects the equipment needed to be set up. Shelby also assists with inventory ordering, invoicing and internal data entry. So basically, if you have a question about anything going on – Shelby probably has the answer.

To this day she still loves cars and doesn’t foresee outgrowing that. Next month Shelby and a few other CAS employees will be attending AAPEX, which is always fun!

Tech Tip - MicroPods...Going..going...gone?

This month's Tech Tip regards the use of the Stellantis MicroPod-2. At CAS Tech Support we are seeing a growing number of calls regarding issues with a MicroPod-2. Connection problems, speed issues and stability are all becoming more common complaints. So, we suggest shops consider upgrading to the new MDP interface. Here are 3 good reason to consider making the move:


1) The MDP is required to service the newer CAN-FD vehicles. Services as simple as a brake job where it is necessary to put the vehicle into the brake service mode, require an MDP interface. Wi-Tech will prompt you for this adapter as the Micropod-2 will not work.

2) Stellantis will no longer repair MicroPod-2 devices. If your MicroPod2 breaks, you are forced into buying a new MDP. These items continually go on back order which can make matters worse for you!

3) CAS is offering a $225 trade-in credit for MicroPod-2s when a shop purchases a new MDP. We will even offer the $225 credit/refund to past buyers of the MDP. This credit is good for a limited time as we are only in need of a limited quantity of MicroPod's.


To take advantage of the $225 offer, please contact you local CAS field rep. Remember, if you are doing a TAS Balanced Billing renewal you can put the end cost of the new MDP on a 10 month, 0% interest, Balanced Billing along with your other subscription renewals. So, act now by calling your CAS rep before something happens with your MicroPod-2 or we end our offer.