Multi-Line Scanners

G-Scan2: This Hyundai/Kia specialty tool was named the Best Selling Scan Tool in its first year debut in Japan. The G-Scan continues to exceed the expectations of repair shops world-wide by providing a reliable, high quality scan tool with rapidly evolving coverage at a reasonable price.

Manufactured by GIT, the same manufacturer of the current Hyundai and Kia OEM scan tools, the G-Scan offers the aftermarket repair shop a complete solution which mirrors the OEM factory tool performance for both Hyundai and Kia while also providing coverages for most other car lines in the USA.

The vehicle model coverage for Hyundai & Kia includes both passenger cars and SUVs; begins with 1988 Model Year and goes to the current model year. Updates are done via the internet onto the tool's removable SDM card. Users receive a 1 year software subscription with the tool's initial purchase and annual renewals are at probably the lowest price of any scan tool available. Click here to see what's in the latest quarterly release. Click here for update procedure when you are updating via the internet. Additional yearly renewals can be ordered through OEMTools.

GIT's software engineering team is continuously adding to G-Scan's coverage so as to meet the needs of the professional automotive repair shop. The G-Scan provides amazing coverage of all major Asian vehicle manufacturer car lines beyond Hyundai/Kia plus most European car lines as well as the US Domestic vehicle lines of GM, Ford and Chrysler!

Asian Car Lines - Korean

  • Hyundai (OEM Level)
  • Kia (OEM Level)
  • Daewoo

Asian Car Lines – Japanese

  • Toyota / Lexus
  • Honda / Acura
  • Nissan / Infiniti
  • Suzuki
  • Subaru
  • Mitsubishi
  • Mazda
  • Fuso / Hino Trucks
  • Isuzu
  • Daihatsu

European Models

  • Mercedes-Benz
  • BMW / Mini
  • VW / Audi
  • Volvo

Domestic – USA

  • General Motors
  • Chrysler
  • Ford

The true market leaders of Japan and Korea have joined forces with in the USA to offer what is praised by many to be the best scan tool that the market has long demanded at a reasonable price. together with our mother company, CAS of New England, is the exclusive distributor of the G-Scan scan tool in the USA. Click here for assistance in ordering a G-Scan today or purchase one of the four online configurations below.

GScan 2 device

Harnessing the power of Hyundai and KIA OEM software, G-Scan2 with touchscreen technology is a multi-car line, multi-function scan tool that will exceed your expectations.

GScan 2 at car

G-Scan 2 with the integrated four-trace lab scope can be very convenient when diagnosing sensors and actuators.

GScan 2 VMI module

The VMI-2 scope module when connected to the G-Scan 2 integrates its operation with the scan tool. You end up with multiple tools in one platform, all in the palm of your hands.


With G-Scan 2’s advanced design, CAN communications checks can be done on the fly by simply selecting what system the tech wants to view.


The presence of CAN communication activity can be quickly seen by the flashing of CAN high and CAN Low lights. The data is read directly through the DLC cable with no additional connections required.

GScan Screen CAN LINE INSPECTION Scope Display

The G-Scan 2 can display actual CAN signals coming off the 16-pin connector directly through the DLC cable. There are no added connections required. Intermittent signal loss, electrical noise and low signal conditions can all be viewed in real time.

GScan Screen CAN LINE_INSPECTION Resitance Check

If needed, the G-Scan 2 has the ability to run a quick, key-off network resistance check helping the tech quickly find the cause of the shorted network.

GScan Screen for J2534 mode

As a true multi-function tool, the G-Scan 2 will also operate as a J-2534 pass-thru device for all Hyundai and Kia vehicles.

GScan Screen Multimeter main menu

G-Scan 2 has both an integrated multimeter and a signal generator. Volts, Ohms, Amps and pressure reading can all be accomplished with the G-Scan 2. You can use your present amps probes and pressure transducers or purchase these optional items along with the G-Scan 2.

GScan Screen for internet update.

With integrated Wi-Fi capabilities, the G-Scan 2 can be updated on-the-fly. Check for updates and new releases with just the push of a button.


The SDM card reader along with the SDM card and PC utility program are all included with every G-Scan 2 package. Using an SDM card to store the G-Scan 2 vehicle software means more flexibility for future updates as the applications expand in size.


No matter what version G-Scan 2 you decide on, all G-Scan 2s arrive in a custom storage/transport case. All G-Scan 2s come with a manufacturer’s one-year warranty and one year of software updates.

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